Sodapop Gemini Pro Lash



ATOMIKA’s Gemini Pro Lash series will take you out of this world with a lightweight, flexible hidden magnetic band that can be used with lash adhesive or magnetic liner. Extremely soft, fluffy, wispy lashes made with Korean fibers that imitates real mink providing a subtle yet elegant look.


Waterproof Cruelty-Free Vegan Wispy 7mm-13mm Up to 30 Times
How To Use

1. Sanitize false lashes before use.
2. If wet, wait until dry.
3. Trim lash band to your desired fit.
4. Apply false lashes using adhesion of choice directly above lash line. You can use ATOMIKA® Lash-on-Liner, any magnetic liner or regular lash glue.
5. Press lash band gently to firmly adhere in place. Press lash band in multiple places along the lash line to further to ensure a strong, stable adhesion.

Product Care

Clean the lash band after every use if possible and store in storage case or other lash container. To see more about caring for false lashes, please visit our HOW-TO page.


High quality Koran fiber